Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So I haven't really been in the blogging mood at the moment, more to do with not really having anything of interest in my own life to blog about than being busy with university and all that. But I'll try and get a spiffy post up for today, at any rate.

To be honest, I'm on a little mission. And it's not like one of my other little mini-missions, where there is no gain to be had, just a little bit of personal glory. For Spanish class we have to do a little writing thing on a Spanish speaking sportsman (or woman, maybe. it all depends), and I have decided with adament fervour that I am not just going to do what would seem to be everyones first choice, a soccer player. Or Rafael Nadal. Just cos.

So I've been searching high and low with my awesome internet searching skills close at hand, and I'm trying to find player profiles for the sport of Ping Pong. Now, I think that if I am able to find a Ping Pong player from Venezuela who played in the Athens Olympics in 2004, I might consider a job in some sort of internet searching position. Maybe I could join Lily Rush in Cold Case. Who knows?

All that I do know is that is proving to be a mighty sight more difficult to locate these types of wild athletes than I thought it would. Wikipedia is kind of lacking in lists of Latin American and Spanish Ping Pong teams. Maybe I have spotted that illusive hole in the market? :D

Anyway, I think that I'm going to listen to a couple of songs out of the "DJ magazine" I got today, there are pretty much a lot of artists of which I have never heard, so it's kind of akin to exploratory surgery. Except not really. Just going to see what stuff sounds good and that I might actually like to use eventually, someday.
Sorry this post is a bit shorter than normal, maybe something blog-able might come around tomorrow and I'll spellbound you with a far more interesting post ! XD

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