Wednesday, June 2, 2010

5 Annoying Little Freakouts

Ok, so here are a couple more things that freak me out, fyi.

1. People with toes that look like little fingers. >< I don't really know why, but they freak me the hell out. If one of your toes is as long as your pinky finger, i will do my very best to disregard your feet if you are wearing thongs or something like that.

2. Really tall people. I think it's mainly because I'm quite short, and I just find them too intimidating to take seriously. And I don't just mean like, a nice average height, I'm talking uber tall guys and gals. It may also be some kind of jealousy, but regardless, tallies freak me out.

3. People who wear a LOT of make up. I spoke this would go just as much for the girls as the guys. They're kind of like mystical creatures bearing tidings of doom, normally they have some weirdo of a guy with them that will talk loudly on the bus or some other annoying thing like that. Which is an excellent segue into number 4.

4. People who talk loudly on the bus. I always thing that they are planning a distraction or something like that so they can put their dastardly plans into action. Plus they're just plain annoying.

5. Grumpy bus drivers scare me. I kind of say that, because I think that if they're grumpy, they might drive a bit more recklessly around town, and its just scary. The amount of traffic rules buses break in the first place is somewhat frightening, but yeah. Add that with an angry driver, and I don't know what could happen.

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