Sunday, June 13, 2010

Something to make you smile

                                                      (Image via We♥It)

I just love photos like these. I know nothing about photography per se, but if  was able to take photos that were this amazing, I would hope that they looked exactly like this.
With so much brutality and moroseness in the world today, everyone needs something to smile at, which is why im going to try spread the smiles myself, through this blog. Appreciating the little things, if you will.
I dont think that there is anything a lot more picturesque and playful than watching balloons float up into the sky, especially in this photo.
Blue sky, green grass and colourful balloons really make me happy, i don't really know why in particular, but it's just a very common feeling, i think most people would appreciate the simplicity of it.

So my tip for all bloggers out their today, post something that will make your readers smile, spread the love and write a positive little message, make the world a little happier :D.


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