Saturday, June 5, 2010


Like hardcore capped. but it's alright i spose. Actually kind of convenient in a way, so I can get all my homework and stuff like that done. Only problem is is that it might take forever to get all my readings downloaded and stuff like that. BLARGH.
i only have one that i have to do, which is due by monday, and than i can essentially kiss that course goodbye, which is really exciting. But don't be fooled by this mini news-break.

The big news today is that, as of the fifth of July, I shall be a working man :D
I am sooo so very much excited. I will finally have some form of income!!!

So yeah, that really was the highlight of the week and month so far, my dream of getting employed, all be it on a temporary contract, is awesome. :D I can finally start accruing some life savings and stuff like that.

I also got my Mickey Mouse watch fixed today, which is almost equally exciting. It's been over ten years since Mickey's hands have been moving round that watch's dial, weaving their time magic skills, so it's nice to see the mouse back in action.

So all in all today has been a pretty good day, it's much better weather than what it was yesterday, this time in two weeks i'll have finished my second and final exam,  my watch is fixed, my internet is capped which means I'm going to get more stuff done outside of the internet world, so it's all great.

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