Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Made a Whale Today

Mainly on a whim today, I made a whale. And I am very happy with the outcome, although I do have to work on a few little things for the next one I make.
It took me about an hour to do, on and off, mainly because I am so terribly bad at sewing things together. Maybe if I make 1000 of these guys, I might be able to improve those skills a little bit.

I thought that he was pretty cute, anyway. He's even got water coming out of his blowhole. Awesome.

Behind that cuteness though is a dastardly figure called procrastination. It is kind of sad that I would rather make a whale than study for my ancient history exam, but I think that I've got a good result. I might even be able to use him as a study partner, bounce a few ideas off him. I am quietly confident though that my motivation will soon come, maybe even tomorrow. I will vow to not do anything else than study for a little while. We'll see how long that lasts anyway.

So tomorrow, I'll either have studied a lot, or expect to see a whole lot more whales around.



  1. THAT is amazing, i saw it floating around on fb and thought it was something a random made haha
    you should make MORE all kinds, and sell them =]

  2. yeah in the last couple days ive made about five of them, a whale, a rabbit, a ghost, a hamster and a cute little stuffed slice of bread:D
    they're tiny and really easy to make, takes me like an hour for each one.
    plus whenever i look at them you can't help but smile, they're so adorable :D