Saturday, June 19, 2010


I'd just like to let you know that I have finally finished my archaeology course with my last exam today for uni. I'm uber happy about this, and I would be so happy to just scrape through with a pass.

Either way, it was a pretty good day, apart from actually having to do the exam itself. I found that I can actually drive up to university in less than half an hour if there is no traffic, which was pretty much the highlight of my day, but still kind of great in a way. I know that I can do it if at all possible.

Anyway, now comes the difficult task of doing not a whole lot for the next six weks, not during the day anyway. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up with a few friends who I haven't seen for a long time,  maybe even take up a course or something like that. It would be pretty cool to learn sign language, maybe I could learn a bit over the holidays.

But yeah, either way it is time to relax and prepare for my second term at uni, which hopefully will be even better than the first now that i'm keen to all the happenings and stuff like that.

Peace x

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