Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Watching Different Kinds of Things

So lately I have been watching a whole lot of foreign movies, and I must say that in general they have all been really excellent, but sometimes they just need a bit of getting used to, to be honest.

I find that the Farsi movies I've seen so far kind of have funny and really abrupt endings, almost like they are stopping midway through the entire movie, and I don't know if this is some kind of cinematic technique that they like to use, but it can get a bit frustrating.  What I do like about those movies though is the insight you get into the different lifestyle, especially the couple of Afghan movies I watched during the past couple of days. I think that it has such a striking landscape, and it's such a shame that more movies can't be made there, both of those I saw were really good.

Then there are the Spanish movies I've watched, and what I love about all movies which are in Spanish is that they are full of drama, there is never really a dull moment at all in what can sometimes be a fairly lengthy movie. I really loved Pan's Labyrinth, the Motorcyclist's Diaries and Y Tu Mama Tambien, and I'm really glad that there is a fairly sizeable Spanish section in my video rental store :D

The ones that I find hardest to follow sometimes are the Japanese movies. Sometimes I can get a word here or there, but for the most part I have to rely on the subtitles, but that is not really surprising, Some of the themes they cover, and details that they pay attention to can sometimes be a bit distracting, drawing you away from the main focus and push of the movie, but in the end I think that I enjoyed the movies just as much as all the others I have watched.

All in all, I really love watching movies that are not in English, they have a completely different feel to them. Especially in the lesser spoken languages, there is less push for it to be mass produced, so the effort which would have been put into that aspect often shows in other areas like cinematography, a more ecclectic storyline (which may not have been suitable or sellable to a large audience), and a more authentic movie.
So I encourage you all to check out a few foreign movies, they're all subtitled, so you don't have to worry about that, and I think that it is just a really enjoyable and interesting experience.



  1. i tend to like foreign movies more too. Hollywood blockbusters have gotten too predictable.

  2. exactly, i always find it such a let down when I can pick out the story in the first five minutes, you can never tell just what might happen when you're watching some random korean movie or something like that ><