Wednesday, June 23, 2010

90's Style

So we've finally hooked the playstation back up to a working TV, and I forgot just how much I enjoy playing it. Maybe even a little too much.

It's always, for me at least, been a good way to do a lot of the things that I'm just too chicken to try out in the first place, like learning how to skateboard properly and stuff like that. PS, I am a complete Tony Hawks Skater game fan, I have almost all of them and would gladly play them all again. I just haven't really gotten into all the war games and stuff like that. I'm sure that they are very good, I just never have bothered to play them.

I definitely think that it is a great thing that we hooked it all up after my final exam for uni, otherwise I would have gotten so much less studying done :|  But for today, it's kind of rainy so at least there is a bit of an excuse to play it. I feel so reclusive just sitting here playing computer games, reading and watching movies though, so I tend to go out for a walk whenever I can. Just to get some fresh air and see other humankind.

And I've been making a hell of a lot of those little stuffed animals, they are SO cute, I absolutely love them to bits, I'll post some photos of them up tomorrow. So for now, I'll leave it at that and get back to my bludging.


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