Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Egyptian Archaeology

I can't begin to describe to you how happy I am going to be once I have finally finished this subject, in only three days time or so.

Normally I love all things history-related, but I have to say that there was just something that just didn't click with me for my Egyptian Archaeology course, I found it constantly boring and dull, and I'm not exactly sure why. I think that it's just so different to any history that I did at high school that it was kind of a bit of a shock to the system.

Anyway, the good thing is that I have finally been able to motivate myself enough so that I can get some solid studying  done. I've got some pretty nifty classical music, which I've heard makes you relax and study a whole lot better, and hopefully I will retain something in the old noggin.

Another reason why i didn't particularly like it was that it was just far too much information to go through, we went through so many eras and so many different styles, forms, architecture, etc, way too quickly that I found it really hard to get my head around. I like there to be a clear cut idea of what exactly it is that I have to study. And this is a new course, so there aren't even any good, reliable past papers which I can practice with. So I'm just going over everything and hoping that some key points of information will stick.
Check out the state of my Egyptian study zone at the moment. :O

I suppose that it would be better if I got a little bit more organised, I'm kind of just summarising all over the place for most of it. But to be honest I think that that is all that I can really do, I might be able to make up my own essay questions and just write an essay or two, but we'll just see how that goes. It's not really the essay writing that I have the issue with, it's the retention of all the little details and stuff like that.

But anyway, the positive out of all this is that it's only three more days to go until it will all be over and done with, and then the holidays can officially begin! Which is incredibly exciting, seeing as I now have a job and everything. Anyway, I'll cut this one here for the moment, I should get back to studying while I have got the time and motivation.


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