Monday, June 28, 2010

A Sunny but Really Cold Day

I think that the title of this blog post can really sum up how the day has gone. I love this kind of weather though, it's really nice to sit in the sun, but as soon as you step inside the house it is absolutely freezing.

But to be honest, I even love it when it is really cold, it gives me a great excuse to do all the things that I like to do inside. Plus you can rug up and stuff like that, I have some really nice sweaters which have just been waiting for weather like this for ages. Plus, everyone seems to be less busy during winter. I suppose that people make less plans to go out during winter, so I find that being able to meet up with people a little bit easier.


Anyway, I really havent been up to much at the moment, I'm supposed to start work about this time next week, so I'm pretty excited about that, I will finally be able to get a little bit of income coming in. So I think this week shoud be the ultimate relax week, I'm going to go out with a friend or two and just enjoy my holidays properly. And make sure that I get out when it is sunny, like today. Get some much needed vitamin D. But I thought that I should at least do a quick little blog post, just for the sake of keeping up with it as regularly as I possibly can.

And on another plus note, I'm getting closer to finishing the jumper I've been making for the past little while, with a one year hiatus or so. So as soon as I've finished that, I will make sure that I get a couple of pictures up, because it is a pretty cool sweater. I've found that my productivity increases tenfold when I'm watching foreign movies a lot, so I have been watching ALOT of those in the evenings and I love them, on SBS2 they have some good ones every night, and there are quite a few from countries where I didn't even think that they would have a large enough film industry, like a lot of the central asian countries and stuff like that. But they always seem to be interesting in a way that a lot of western movies can't pull off, in a sense. But this is the way I have been spending my holidays so far, and I'm enjoying it at least ^^


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