Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Handing out Resumes and a Great Lunch

But it is still damn cold.

So I met up with Adam today to go handing out resumes and stuff like that. Unsurprisingly though we found out that most of the applications have to be done on the internet. Which is kind of good in some ways, you don't have to get all nervous and go up to the shop assistant and ask "are you hiring at the moment", and then you go into a whole conversation, where they don't really know if they're hiring at the moment, but they might be hiring in a month or so if they aren't hiring at the moment, and that you should come back there then. And then when you come back in a month's time, you'll come back and have the very same conversation.

Another thing that I notice, and have been noticing for quite sometime, is that most of my friends and I are at that awkward kind of stage. If you don't have a job between the ages of 18-21 or so, it's getting harder and harder to find a job. Mainly because we're older than the young teenagers, who can be employed for a whole lot less than what they would have to pay us. Which is basically a lot of your everyday jobs, menial stuff like working in a store, packing shelves and counting stock. And you're also too young and inexperienced by most standards to get employment in a 'proper job' kind of environment, which is just as frustrating. So, to me, it kind of looks like there is a large demographic that people just don't want to employ, which is a shame.

Either way, we kind of just did a brute force assault on the stores, Adam handed out resumes at every store he wanted to. :D It was nice to catch up too, and I had a pretty surprisingly good lunch, the Brasilian place in Parramatta Westfields is actually really good and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a really good and decent feed.

Peace for now x

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