Monday, June 7, 2010

Learning about Life from Digg

So I spent most of my day trawling through the pages of Digg, and I am really surprised at how much great content there is out on the internet, that I would just have no idea to look up, or even have the chance to come across during my normal, everyday internet surfing.

There are a lot of amazing articles out there, for instance there was one thing talking about how some archaeologists think that they have found the remains of Emilia Earhart on the South Pacific island of Nikumaroro, or comparing the size of this universe with galaxies far away, and just a lot of random new's articles and blog-style bits, which just generally make for a really entertaining read. And it also has been a big help with looking for new topics to blog about, because there really are times when topics are hard to come by, and I end up repeating myself.

A lot of the stuff on there is just humourous little banter, if you click the "random" button in the browser, you're likely to come across a lot of funny pictures. A lot of the don't have a real purpose other than to make you laugh a little bit, which in a way is a lot more refreshing way to use the internet sometimes.

That's really something that I've been thinking about the last couple of days, I've really just been doing a lot of things that make me feel good, rather than trying to study a lot, cram a lot of information in my head. It wasn't really for any reason, but just the little things make a day a whole lot brighter. Going out for walks, getting out in whatever sunshine there is, talking with some friends you haven't talked with for a long time, listening to a favourite song, singing in the car, dancing real crazy, dressing up really crazy too.

Sometimes I think people just forget about enjoying themselves these days, everyone gets so frantic about studying, work, and I suppose it's not just a passing phase, but more like society these days has just forgotten to have fun. People get overworked, over-stressed and I think that the best thing in the world would to let off a little steam every now and again.

My favourite place to be would be by the beach, and I've realised that I actually haven't been to the beach for far too long. So I am going to make a deal, even though it is winter time, I'll head over to Manly and have a nice day, bring some friends, have a bit of a picnic. I can't really think of anything really more relaxing than that, especially since you have to get the ferry to get to Manly from this side of Sydney, and on a lovely sunny day it's so nice to watch the city go by.

So thanks Digg, for letting me enjoy the little things, and letting me take out some time for the things I enjoy.
I think the point for this article is to just get you thinking about what things make you happy, things that you could easily do, and share them with us here. If everyone was able to have their picnic every now and again, we would be a much more relaxed and happy people. :D

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