Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursdays Happenings.

I love it when I have one of those very productive days, which is probably why I'm quite happy with the way today turned out.

At first i was a little bit chuffed because I had to get up early, and I was going to meet up with Adam, who I haven't seen for a while, but that kind of fell through, I couldn't really get in touch with him early in the morning so I just kind of started studying for my exam on Saturday instead.

I've kind of figured out a method that might work for me when I'm studying ancient history. I'm kind of pretty rubbish with remember such vast amounts of detail like one would encounter when studying history. I have no problems at all learning languages very quickly, because you only really have to figure out a word at a time, and once you know a word you'll know it forever. Or at least for a very long time. But learning that the main fabric that the Egyptians used was linen, or remembering all the different periods and dynasties of Egyptian history is a task that seems almost beyond possible. The good thing is though is that I think I know enough information about everything to get me through the exam, and if in doubt, keep writing and put in everything I can think of.

Either way, it will all be over come Saturday ^^

So I did that for the whole day almost, not a very interesting day, but a productive one to be honest. I have, much to my amazement, retained quite a bit of information that I didn't previously know. My other method for remembering is just sheer rote. I just write paragraphs out like 5 times, until I can repeat it parrot fashion. And for me, that works. I also try out all the tricks, I find the only album of classical music I have on my ipod, and listen to that, because apparently you are supposed to retain more when you listen to classical music. And I get all of the heavy reading done in the morning, and then just practice and revise the things again when it gets later.

ANYWAY. So tonight I went to LoudTribe to see if I could help out, and see what the dealio was with it, and I must say I'm kind of really enthusiastic about it. Basically the focus is planning events for young people in the area, because I think everyone will admit that it is something that we need. Stuff like concerts, dance parties, those things are all great stuff for young people to get involved with, and it's completely drug and alcohol free.
I think that everyone who is my kind of age can admit that there aren't a lot of things for the youth to do, which is why there are so many 'gangs' and kids just mucking about and being stupid all the time, just for sheer boredom. Normally, most of the good concerts are 18+, all of the dance parties are 18+, and there just isn't a large focus on having a great community come up with events and stuff like that. Either way, I think that this is one of the best incentives I've seen for a long time and I intend to get well involved.

Peace for now♥

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